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*waves sheepishly at everyone*

I’m sorry I’ve not been around. It’s been a really busy six months, with so many things happening I don’t know where to start.

First things first, which you’ve probably guessed from the post title …

My wedding is tomorrow! At 11 am I shall walk down the aisle as Ms James and walk back up it an hour later as Mrs Masters!

For a small wedding it’s taken a heck of a lot of organising but then we did decide to get married in France, so paperwork has featured quite heavily. To cut a long story short, we’re getting married in the village where Mum and Jacques live. Ben and I have been here since the end of June and Ben’s Mum and Dad arrived last week. We are literally only having our close family and no-one else and Mum is walking me down the aisle and giving me away (I told her she wasn’t allowed to cheer as she did so).

My dress is, well, rather beautiful actually. It’s an antique lace bodice and silk skirt in an ivory cream, with lace sleeves that taper into my wrists (in case anyone doesn’t know, you don’t bare your shoulders in Catholic churches) and a side bustle. It’s very Edwardian and makes me look all polished and grown up – good job Ben knows what he’s really getting because otherwise this might deceive him into thinking I’m sensible! I’m really not convinced on the veil but Mum seems to think it makes me look lovely so I’m going to believe her. It does, at least, detach from the tiara easily enough so I don’t have to wear it once the nuptials are complete.

And then Mum and Jacques are hosting the “Wedding Breakfast” at Jacques’ Grand-mère’s house, which has the most beautiful garden imaginable and should, given that the weather seems to be holding, be excellent for the drinking of champagne and the nibbling of nibbles.

After that, Ben and I take the train south, to the Côte d'Azur for our honeymoon – don’t we sound posh ;)

So yes, I’m a little bit excited right now!

Second piece of noteworthy news – I am now officially have my Masters in Philosophy and I’ve been accepted to do my PhD!

I’m very, very happy about this. Not as happy as I am to be getting married but still, I’m really rather chuffed. It’s going to mean a huge amount of work but I think I’ve finally found the thing that fires me and I can’t imagine doing anything else.

Thirdly. I know I said there would be more Unintended Consequences about now but … well, life. I will finish it, eventually, I promise.

Anyway, I hope all you lovely people are well and happy and I’m sorry I haven’t been commenting or reading fic or anything. I’ll try and catch up at some point but in the meantime, know I love you all even if I don’t tell you so.

Now, I’m off to have a nice long bath and then bed. I have no idea if I’m going to be able to sleep but I really must try!

But I have been so absent from LJ and everywhere on t'internet that I wouldn't be surprised if everyone thought I was. Which makes me sad:

I really am so very sorry I've been so absent but my Masters has completely consumed me and I don't think it's likely to release me from it's clutches until I'm done in June.

Which means - other than posting the last chapter of Scenting possibilities at the weekend (because I really do deserve a break) - I shall not be writing any more Sherlock fic until it is done. Thus Unintended Consequences is taking the longest hiatus known to man because although [ profile] kizzia is the most wonderful human being on the planet she can't write it alone - she has her own stuff to be doing for one and I haven't finished plotting it all for another - and I don't have the time. So sorry everyone - I promise it will be written eventually but there won't be anything till end of June at the earliest.

On the bright side, if all this manic working pays off I shall be starting my PhD in September which might be easier to pace with having a life!?!?

Oh and guys, I may not be commenting and sharing at the moment but please don't forget that, from the bottom of my heart ...

And yes, I do mean that exactly the way it sounds.


I have a fiancé. I am affianced. I'm getting married!

It was really rather romantic. He put a ring box on top of the tree and then, when I finally - at 8 o'clock last night - asked who it was for, told me to check the tag.

It said "I'm a lonely ring box, because I don't have a ring inside. If you'd like to change that all you have to do is say yes to the next question you're asked ..."

I didn't give him the chance to ask me and I may have squeaked "yes" rather than said it but who cares!

I'm a bit excited, in case you couldn't tell :) So are Mum and Jacques. And Ben. Ben's pretty excited too!

I'm going to go now before I really embarrass myself by typing utter nonsense but ... I'm so happy! Happy, happy, happy!

Merry Christmas everyone!

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This is going to be a long, rambling post about all sorts of things so there will be cuts and stuff. However, first you need a gif of what I’m like right now:

Running about madly with a list, frightened I’m going to miss something J

Important fic information first:

ficcery under here ... )

And a quick fic rec because I can and because it made me smile like this:

Xmas fic rec under here ... )

In other news:

in which I am grumpy )

On exciting things:

in which I fangirl a bit ... )

And to finish, because there can never be enough Cumberbatch:

All hail Sherlockspeare for the lusciousness of this gif

I'm drowning in coursework for my MA and thus I haven't been around much, nor will I be for the next month or so. I'm hoping to be back in December with Little Christmas Things - which is now being co-authored (who am I kidding, she's practically writing all of it) by [ profile] kizzia because I've nearly run out of sanity and have apparently lost the ability to write 221Bs - but for the moment, I might drop the odd comment but I'm otherwise going to be off the grid! Although I suspect quite a few of you are also going to be lost in NaNoWriMo land so you probably won't even miss me :)

However, I feel it necessary to leave you with something lovely to look at:

I seriously can't believe I'm half way through posting Little things!

When I started writing this, it was one 221B  (which is now Chapter 57) that I wrote because I couldn't get John with a baby bump out of my head. Then I started to think about whether it would fit into Omegaverse and then ... plot bunnies were everywhere, I'd spent three nights getting to grips with how a non-dub con Omegaverse would work and had a possible 60 chapters, some of which I wasn't sure would stay (some didn't, I wrote extra ones instead).

Now they are all written, all edited and I'm finally able to return to beating the final chapter of The Weight of Knowledge into submission - which was what I was hiding from when I started that 'oh so innocent' individual 221B a month and a half ago!

But do you know what the best bit is? Meeting so many lovely people who have commented on the story, made suggestions and generally made me feel properly part of the Sherlock fandom and made me giggle hysterically. 

Thank you all so very much, for everything, and I hope Chapters 31 - 60 live up to everyone's expectations.

Oh, and as usual with these sorts of personal ramblings, here is a sweet picture of Mr Cumberbatch to make us all smile and swoon.

Casual benedict smiling
Right you lovely people, my darling [ profile] kizzia has decided to start her 100 things challenge and return to writing her own stuff rather than being at my beck and call 24/7. Seriously, she's been an absolute star in helping me with Little things and all my other WIPs and I owe her so much for her patience and kindness.

So, instead of sulking - which really wouldn't be fair - I thought I'd point you all towards her first 100 things post, on the wonderful poem For the Fallen by Laurence Binyon.  If you do have a couple of minutes to spare please click here have a read and then drop her a comment. She's a lovely person, a fab writer and I'd like her to have a few more friends on here.

And in case that wasn't incentive enough, here's a rather serious photo of Mr Cumberbatch as Major Jamie Stewart in War Horse:
Benedict as Major Jamie Stewart in War Horse
I just had to share this with you all - it's a quote from my friend Kiz's facebook page.  She's just attempted to read "50 Shades of Grey" and having given up, posted this:

"Well, I gave in and downloaded "50 shades of Grey". I would suggest no-one else bothers. If you want to read sex scenes I suggest you pick a book/TV programme/film that you fancy a character from and go and search a fan fiction website for them. You'll find far more erotic, far better written stories there than this travesty of a novel and - the best bit - the fan fiction is free!"

I think she has a point (the few pages visible on Amazon that I've just read were hysterical and not in a good way) and I certainly won't be going anywhere near it.  Has anyone else read this? Have views? Would love to know!

And I'm talking about a quick post (thank you Ben, sweetie, for pointing out the innuendo as I type) not anything else!

Personal ramblings - feel free to skip if I bore you :) )
Plus gifs of my two favourite men because you can never have enough Bradley or Benedict in your life

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100 things

Apr. 14th, 2012 05:17 pm
Well I've just had a fab chat with [ profile] kizzia who completed her exam last Thursday (yay for Kiz!) and we've agreed that we are BOTH going to do the 100 things challenge. 

I'm going to split the 100 into 10 blocks of 10 and the list is as follows:

1 - 10 Favourite books/authors
11 - 20 Favourite films
21 - 30 Favourite TV shows
31 - 40 Favourite places
41 - 50 Favourite artists
51 - 60 Favourite activities
61 - 70 Favourite pieces of music
71 - 80 Favourite periods of history
81 - 90 Favourite poems
91 - 100 Favourite people

[ profile] kizzia is going to write 221B drabbles - 100 of them! I think she's got the harder job to be frank but then she sounded so enthusiastic I'm almost wishing I'd got it - Ben tossed a coin and Kiz called it. Mind you since she chose it she can't blame me when she's run out of ideas half way through ;)

And don't think that I've forgotten all the fan fiction I've got on the go - far from it. I think there are - having spent quite a lot of today typing up my ramblings - at least three Sherlock fics that I can put together, plus "Kiss me, I'm Irish!" the second half of "Regent's revenge" and my Brolin series. It seems a shame that I have RL commitments really, as I've definitely got enough here to keep me occupied for quite some time :)

So, yay for typing fingers working - even if my arm does hurt a hell of a lot right now - yay for [ profile] kizzia being back on t'internet and yay for 100 things.

{Take the 100 Things challenge!}

So do I do it or not? I now have two hands at my disposal amd my alcohol addled brain says yes but I'm going to wait till the morning to decide :)
Ben has been being very mysterious this week.  Well, what I've seen of him anyway, since I've got this week off work and he seems to have the world's supply of project meetings.  Only I'm not quite convinced that all of the invisibleness is due to work, because it's my birthday tomorrow and he has the ineffably smug air of someone about to pull a huge surprise out of the proverbial hat.

I hope I'm right and not just projecting my own hopes on a normal situation because I could really do with having a nice surprise on my birthday for once!

Mind you, I'm thoroughly enjoying my week off.  Now my bruises have all gone and my arm doesn't ache constantly I've been far happier going out for walks in the park and sitting, sipping coffee in various eateries and people watching.  Plus I've been reading Sherlock fan fiction in huge juicy glomps and had a Sherlock Series 1 marathon last night that has prompted a Johnlock fic idea that I've spent the last hour dictating the plot for.  Still not sure if it will work overall but I'm looking forward to getting the details recorded.  
Oh and I've got a hospital appointment later today to determine it I can have the cast off next week or the week after, so I might just be  able to get back to typing with both hands a little earlier than I previously thought.

I also have a plea to make.  Would anyone consider being a beta for me. [ profile] kizzia has done a lot for me in the past but she's so busy with exams at the moment that I can't ask her and Ben does his best but does find the subject material a little overwhelming (to put it mildly - he said he was unshockable before I handed him A Pendragon Never Begs and he went a very strange shade of red). I have to admit I'm a little erratic in my writing so it won't be on a regular basis (I don't share until I'm certain I want things out there) but it would be lovely to have someone else who would cast fresh eyes over my attempts.  
I'm also quite happy to beta in return :)

Oh and as I haven't done this for a while, pictures of my two favourite men:


Which, loosely translated, means that Ben is moving in! 
I have to admit the thought of not having him around, after the last two weeks of constant companionship, had left me feeling more than a little bereft but I'd assumed that he'd go back to his own place now I'm going back to work.  Only the guy Ben rents a room from called him this morning and gave him notice - turns out he's proposed to his girlfriend and she wants the house just for them.  Given that Ben had put him on speaker I did a quick bit of negotiating (Ben's getting this month's rent back for leaving immediately) and my spare room is now his.  He and Grey have spent the best part of today ferrying his belongings over here and I, because it was the only thing Ben would let me do, have made more cups of coffee than any one person should be capable of if they aren't employed as a barista :)
I'm so glad I get to have him living with me again - he makes me laugh like no one else on this planet and has been there for me so many times over the years that he deserves a medal. Friends like him are a once in a lifetime thing I think, I'm really bloody lucky to have him.

There have also been some very interesting developments regarding the two scumbags that gave me my still fading facial bruises and the broken arm.
I'd love to share them with you all but I've been told I'm not allowed to in case I prejudice the case.  Which isn't much but I know none of you will need Sherlock to work out what's going on :D

The only thing that is slightly denting my spirits is the thought of the tube journey tomorrow with my sexy blue sling on. My balance is off at the best of times, but traversing packed rush hour trains with only one working arm is pushing it to the limits.  Ah well, at least I'll be back on my projects again.
Ben and I were just watching an old Lewis episode - S2 E1 "And the moonbeams kiss the sea" - and I remarked that I loved those lines from Shelley but didn't know which of his poems it came from.  Ben promptly recited the whole thing to me! So, in honour of my bestie who has sides to him I'd never have discovered if last week hadn't happened, here is the whole thing.  Typed by Ben I might add , because not only his he smart and surprisingly romantic, he's also very kind :)
Love's Philosophy by Percy Bysshe Shelley )

Thanks to seeing this on the LJ Home page I'm currently scaring Ben by dictating a Merthur fanfiction within his earshot.  "Kiss me, I'm Irish!" is, at the moment, a Modern AU starring oblivious!Arthur, student!Merlin and concernedoldersister!Morgana. Because clearly I just don't have enough plot bunnies to feed and nurture in the run up to Easter already XD
By the way [ profile] fuckyeah your suggestion on recording my thoughts so I can type them up later was brilliant - you've saved my sanity :D

[Error: unknown template qotd]
I seriously have no idea how Ben (my best friend) puts up with me.  Yesterday I was still too out of it on the meds to feel anything much but today I am so grumpy it's untrue and I've snapped at him more than once.  He really doesn't deserve it, he's been here since he brought me back from the hospital and I doubt I'd have eaten properly if he hadn't.  But I've always been appalling at being ill and this time is no exception. My face looks like a half finished picasso and I still can't manage anything more than soup or porridge.  Work won't let me back into the office until next week at the earliest - apparently I look too awful for HR to accept I'm well enough to be there. Not being able to use my arm is driving me mad - I've got all this time on my hands and so much writing I want to do but it's so difficult to type with one hand I can't enjoy it.  And to top it all off the police don't have any leads on the two arsewipes who cause all this. Grrrrrrrr!
On a more positive note the lad who I helped is doing really well.  He's back at home and he and his mum, via the police officer who came yesterday, sent a huge bunch of flowers as a thank you. Plus, as Ben's just pointed out, I can spend the rest of the afternoon curled up with him and the cats watching Merlin and drinking hot chocolate. If chocolate and Bradley can't make me feel better then nothing will.
Oh, I just want to say thank you again to everyone who has left me lovely messages of support. I'm not feeling capable of replying to each one individually, but I really do appreciate them all. 
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I've zoned back in to find all your lovely comments and support. Thank you so much! Given that I feel like I've been ten rounds with Mike Tyson you have no idea how much your belief I did the right thing means. 

The police officer that interviewed me at the hospital is coming to see me this morning - I hope, although I know I'm probably wrong, he's coming to tell me that they've got those poor excuses for humans in their cells. 

Thank you all again for the messages and [ profile] k_nightfox I love my gift :)
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I'm typing this with one hand and so jacked up on pain meds that I doubt this post will make much sense. So this my advanced apology for the poor spelling and positively illogical sentence construction I'm certain you are about to encounter. I gravel at your feet and beg forgiveness but I need to say this:

You see this evening I've been admonished (admittedly quite politely) by the police, yelled at by my best friend and my mother has told me my actions were stupid and irresponsible.

I disagree.  

Quite vehemently actually.

I'm actually quite proud of myself.

I've always believed that I would not walk away if I thought someone was in danger. Always hoped that I would not pretend I couldn't see what was happening in front of me, that I wouldn't be a coward. That I would act for others as I hoped others would act for me.

I know now that my belief was correct. I might be an idiot but I'm not a hypocrite.

I took my usual short cut home from the station tonight.  It's a sort of alley-come-path down the back of the flats and I don't often see anyone down there.  Only this evening I rounded the corner to find two teenagers pinning another lad to the wall. I won't repeat what they were calling him, but safe to say they had issues with homosexuality and were under the impression this boy needed to be straightened out.  

I supposed I'm lucky they were so preoccupied with being menacing at first that they didn't notice me back up and call the police. Who told me to get out of there, that they were on their way and I shouldn't get involved.  

You've probably guessed that I didn't.  

Because as I hung up the lad called for help and they started using their fists. 

I'm still not sure what I thought I was going to do.  I'm 5'4 and relatively slim. The most warrior like thing I've ever done is pretend to be a Thundercat when I was five (and I was Snarf)

So I shouted "take your hands off him, I've called the police," and barrelled straight in. As it was I only managed to get one of them in the balls before I was overwhelmed.  

Apparently they also have authority issues and didn't like being told what to do. 

Thankfully their intended victim also decided to fight back and the wail of sirens did what my words couldn't and scared them off.

By that point they'd made quite a mess of the right side of my face and broken my arm in two places. The lad who they'd been intending to beat the seven bells out of has cracked ribs and a broken jaw. I'm eternally grateful that neither of the little shites were carrying knives.  

I doubt they'll be caught.  The lad is too frightened to say who they were - he definitely knew them though - and they had their hoods up and their backs to me until I got to them. I barely got a look before I got hit so hard my vision blurred.

The police were great and the hospital staff patched me up in no time but they all made it plain they didn't approve, that they thought I'd done the wrong thing.  My bestie, who is still here - apparently I can't be left alone as I have a head injury - is still fuming that I'd put myself in danger for someone I didn't know.  And my mum, who my bestie called because "she had a right to know her daughter is injured" is frantic.  I've only just managed to convince her that I don't need her to fly back and nurse me.  It's a broken arm, it'll heal, I'll manage. As my Nan used to say, I've made my own bed, now I must lie in it.

I don't care that I didn't know the lad from Adam. He needed help, I was there. That's all there is to it.

I do care that I've worried the people I love but I can't regret my actions. I will never, under any circumstances, accept that trying to help another person is wrong. 

Despite the injuries, despite the anxiety I've caused my loved ones, despite everything, I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

I just wish I lived in a world where it wasn't necessary in the first place. 

PS my bestie has just sort of beta'd this for me so it probably makes sense for the most part. He's forgiven me for scaring the heck out of him - I think - well, he's gone to make me chicken soup and hot orange which sounds like forgiveness to me ;)

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But I'm still on here checking out all the new friends I've found through the Merlin Friendship Meme - props to [ profile] fuckyeah for the brilliant idea :)
I know I'm too tired to be typing as the coherence of this sentence is dubious at best and I've gone from high school speak to sounding like Sherlock. 
Sleep, however, is as elusive as a yeti in a snowstorm and I cannot decide if that's because I'm too tired to drop off or if the Brolin scenes that are floating tantalisingly just out of reach of my typing fingers have hard wired my heart to race continually.
Whichever it is, it's annoying.
And this get's the award for my most pointless, rambling and narcissistic post to date.
i would bid you all a good night but I don't think it's going to be.
So I won't!
I will however, share a lush picture of Mr James:




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