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But I'm still on here checking out all the new friends I've found through the Merlin Friendship Meme - props to [ profile] fuckyeah for the brilliant idea :)
I know I'm too tired to be typing as the coherence of this sentence is dubious at best and I've gone from high school speak to sounding like Sherlock. 
Sleep, however, is as elusive as a yeti in a snowstorm and I cannot decide if that's because I'm too tired to drop off or if the Brolin scenes that are floating tantalisingly just out of reach of my typing fingers have hard wired my heart to race continually.
Whichever it is, it's annoying.
And this get's the award for my most pointless, rambling and narcissistic post to date.
i would bid you all a good night but I don't think it's going to be.
So I won't!
I will however, share a lush picture of Mr James:

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Why didn't the 'preview' quote I used as a teaser for my Brolin fan fiction actually appear in 'A Piece of Cake'?

Short answer is that my Brolin has got out of control :D

I now have a set of six fics half written, all in the same arc, that start with 'A Piece of Cake.' They follow our adorable duo from their initial, movie quoted declaration of feelings the day after Bradley's birthday in 2011 all the way through to the day after Colin's appearance at the IFTA's in February this year.

The next one that I will be posting has the working title of "Keeping it under Wraps" and I'll leave you to guess what event it may or may not include! [ profile] asya_ana I know you know already, but don't spoil the surprise ;)

I'm not sure how fast it will all go up as my life has gone a little banana's with the new job and all, but I'm enjoying my boys so much I doubt I'll keep you hanging too much.

In other news, Ceefer has decided that my Merlin S4 DVD box set is the perfect thing to chew on. If I wasn't firmly against animal cruelty and didn't love him so much, he'd be toothless by now!

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... as the Brolin fic is not read to go up yet, despite the fact it now has the most brilliant
gif to go with it:

This was made for me by the fabulous Merlingifrequests on Tumblr - all hail their amazingness!

The story itself is now in bits. Mainly because when I re-read the whole thing it didn't ring true in my head plus Colin's acting like an idiot.

So it won't get posted today like I hoped.  

Which makes me sad.

On a plus note ... um, actually I can't think of one.

 So I'm off to fight with it some more until Colin submits to my will and I get the ending I want.

Well, thanks to my over enthusiastic cat who decided that lie-ins are for wimps it is 7.45 am on a Saturday morning and I have been awake for over an hour already. So I suppose that I should be doing something useful instead of drinking tea and trawling t'internet for pictures of Mr James that I haven't already swooned over yet ;)
In other news I am half way through writing a Brolin fic that I started on Valentine's day - nothing major just a one-shot piece of angsty fluff with practically no snogging, never mind any sex. Which, given my inability to write a satisfactory second chapter to Regent's Revenge or finish any of the 13 other PWP WIPS I haven't shared with the world, is probably a good thing.
Now all I need to do is decide on a name for Colin's cad-ish Irish ex and then iron out all the wrinkles and I'll have something to share. And that, I'm sure you'll agree, is a far better way to get over a break up than moping around eating chocolate ice cream straight from the tub!
Oh yes, almost forgot. A glorious pic of Bradley to brighten the morning:

I could drown in those eyes!

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So I've started this account to share my love of Mr James a.k.a. Arthur Pendragon with all you lovely livejournallers. I shall be posting fan fiction and rp fics, mostly centred around Merthur and Brolin, although I ship Mergana and Arwen as well (don't ask, I have a very strange mind).
I do have a couple of bits on but I'll be moving them over here in the near future. Check out my Tumblr for my favourite images of the delicious duo or follow me on Twitter if you fancy it :)

This is currently my favourite photo of Bradley:

His smile just melts my heart!

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