My Fic Master List

My foray into posting fan fiction started with Merlin via a couple of Merthur PWP's and a Brolin RPF.

Then BBC Sherlock took over my heart and mind and all the love lead to the plot bunnies multiplying faster than I could keep them in carrots, so most of what is below is Johnlock in various guises.

Currently I have two works part posted - a co-authored Johnlock and a Merlin PWP. The Sherlock one is taking precedence but there won't be anything out before the end of June at the earliest.

I also have a huge list of things that are drafted/planned/noted down for the future but which haven't been posted yet. As of now (March 2013) I make no promises as to the timing of their appearance because I'm doing a Philosophy MA and planning my wedding (yup, I'm engaged and still stupidly excited about it) so my writing time will be quite limited. However I have no intention of stopping writing, it would be a bit like trying to stop breathing.

The fics in each category are listed by posting date - most recently posted first. Oh and the porn is marked so you don't accidentally open it at work :)

Bryony's fic masterlist - if you're interested! )
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This just popped up on twitter and I had to share it here.
I seriously have no idea how Ben (my best friend) puts up with me.  Yesterday I was still too out of it on the meds to feel anything much but today I am so grumpy it's untrue and I've snapped at him more than once.  He really doesn't deserve it, he's been here since he brought me back from the hospital and I doubt I'd have eaten properly if he hadn't.  But I've always been appalling at being ill and this time is no exception. My face looks like a half finished picasso and I still can't manage anything more than soup or porridge.  Work won't let me back into the office until next week at the earliest - apparently I look too awful for HR to accept I'm well enough to be there. Not being able to use my arm is driving me mad - I've got all this time on my hands and so much writing I want to do but it's so difficult to type with one hand I can't enjoy it.  And to top it all off the police don't have any leads on the two arsewipes who cause all this. Grrrrrrrr!
On a more positive note the lad who I helped is doing really well.  He's back at home and he and his mum, via the police officer who came yesterday, sent a huge bunch of flowers as a thank you. Plus, as Ben's just pointed out, I can spend the rest of the afternoon curled up with him and the cats watching Merlin and drinking hot chocolate. If chocolate and Bradley can't make me feel better then nothing will.
Oh, I just want to say thank you again to everyone who has left me lovely messages of support. I'm not feeling capable of replying to each one individually, but I really do appreciate them all. 
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Yes, I did.  Well, I said yes to the new job and that, apparently, entails more madness, meetings and reading of project notes that I thought possible.  

And it's brilliant in a deeply exhausting, what have I got myself into, can I really do this kind of a way!

But now it is Sunday and the madness is on pause.  The cats and I are curled on the sofa enjoying a little down time.  Ceefer is snoring the snores of a wannabe lion, Jennyanydots is dreaming of taking over the world one mouse at a time and I am toying with either watching Merlin or LoTR. Merlin is currently winning cos I've just seen a tweet about A Servant of Two Masters and although I only watched it last weekend I just NEED to watch it again.  

Except I'd have to get up to get the DVD and I'm too comfy to move.   

Ah well, I'll just have to get on with some writing.  Brolin, Brolin, where fore art thou Brolin!
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for my Merlin: Complete Series 4 DVD has come! I know, I know, it came out in January - I'm so far behind the times you could use me as a history project.  But I didn't have any money then but I got my bonus on Monday and Amazon did their thing and here we are, together at last.  The perfect couple! *hugs DVD to chest and grins while everyone else backs away nervously* 
So this evening I will mostly be glued to the TV, reliving the whole wonderful season - well some of it anyway, I will have to sleep at some point. 
But now I must fangirl as hard as I can ... Laters ;) 

So I've started this account to share my love of Mr James a.k.a. Arthur Pendragon with all you lovely livejournallers. I shall be posting fan fiction and rp fics, mostly centred around Merthur and Brolin, although I ship Mergana and Arwen as well (don't ask, I have a very strange mind).
I do have a couple of bits on but I'll be moving them over here in the near future. Check out my Tumblr for my favourite images of the delicious duo or follow me on Twitter if you fancy it :)

This is currently my favourite photo of Bradley:

His smile just melts my heart!

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