This is going to be a long, rambling post about all sorts of things so there will be cuts and stuff. However, first you need a gif of what I’m like right now:

Running about madly with a list, frightened I’m going to miss something J

Important fic information first:

ficcery under here ... )

And a quick fic rec because I can and because it made me smile like this:

Xmas fic rec under here ... )

In other news:

in which I am grumpy )

On exciting things:

in which I fangirl a bit ... )

And to finish, because there can never be enough Cumberbatch:

All hail Sherlockspeare for the lusciousness of this gif

and all I want to do is curl up on the sofa and write Johnlock and drink hot chocolate and generally mooch. But I can't because I have essays that need finishing and texts that need reviewing and I think I'm losing my mind.
Meh. I will use this gif of Mr Cumberbatch to cheer me up

In other news, [ profile] kizzia is coming down to London the last weekend in October and I was wondering if there are any other Sherlockians who would like to meet up on the Sunday for a drink and a chat? It would be nice to put faces to names :)

So my darling [ profile] kizzia has posted the second of her 100 things challenge and it's all about Sherlock! She's being all eloquent and right again, so please go and check it out here.

But not only has she written that, she's also posted an "all things Sherlock" list, with loads of fab websites and things that other fan fiction writers and Sherlock obsessives might like. And that post is here.

Go on, be off with you to read and enjoy and don't forget to talk to her. She's really lovely and I don't think she feels like part of the fandom yet, despite the fact that if it wasn't for her, I wouldn't have any of my fan fiction posted at all (she's my own personal cheerleader and I love her to bits - in case you hadn't figured that out).

Oh and, if you need any more encouragement, I asked Mr Cumberbatch whether you should go an read Kiz's posts. This is what he said:

Now you've got no excuse!
I seriously can't believe I'm half way through posting Little things!

When I started writing this, it was one 221B  (which is now Chapter 57) that I wrote because I couldn't get John with a baby bump out of my head. Then I started to think about whether it would fit into Omegaverse and then ... plot bunnies were everywhere, I'd spent three nights getting to grips with how a non-dub con Omegaverse would work and had a possible 60 chapters, some of which I wasn't sure would stay (some didn't, I wrote extra ones instead).

Now they are all written, all edited and I'm finally able to return to beating the final chapter of The Weight of Knowledge into submission - which was what I was hiding from when I started that 'oh so innocent' individual 221B a month and a half ago!

But do you know what the best bit is? Meeting so many lovely people who have commented on the story, made suggestions and generally made me feel properly part of the Sherlock fandom and made me giggle hysterically. 

Thank you all so very much, for everything, and I hope Chapters 31 - 60 live up to everyone's expectations.

Oh, and as usual with these sorts of personal ramblings, here is a sweet picture of Mr Cumberbatch to make us all smile and swoon.

Casual benedict smiling
Right you lovely people, my darling [ profile] kizzia has decided to start her 100 things challenge and return to writing her own stuff rather than being at my beck and call 24/7. Seriously, she's been an absolute star in helping me with Little things and all my other WIPs and I owe her so much for her patience and kindness.

So, instead of sulking - which really wouldn't be fair - I thought I'd point you all towards her first 100 things post, on the wonderful poem For the Fallen by Laurence Binyon.  If you do have a couple of minutes to spare please click here have a read and then drop her a comment. She's a lovely person, a fab writer and I'd like her to have a few more friends on here.

And in case that wasn't incentive enough, here's a rather serious photo of Mr Cumberbatch as Major Jamie Stewart in War Horse:
Benedict as Major Jamie Stewart in War Horse

 know, I know, smoking is really bad for you but hell, this is so damn hot!

Ben has been being very mysterious this week.  Well, what I've seen of him anyway, since I've got this week off work and he seems to have the world's supply of project meetings.  Only I'm not quite convinced that all of the invisibleness is due to work, because it's my birthday tomorrow and he has the ineffably smug air of someone about to pull a huge surprise out of the proverbial hat.

I hope I'm right and not just projecting my own hopes on a normal situation because I could really do with having a nice surprise on my birthday for once!

Mind you, I'm thoroughly enjoying my week off.  Now my bruises have all gone and my arm doesn't ache constantly I've been far happier going out for walks in the park and sitting, sipping coffee in various eateries and people watching.  Plus I've been reading Sherlock fan fiction in huge juicy glomps and had a Sherlock Series 1 marathon last night that has prompted a Johnlock fic idea that I've spent the last hour dictating the plot for.  Still not sure if it will work overall but I'm looking forward to getting the details recorded.  
Oh and I've got a hospital appointment later today to determine it I can have the cast off next week or the week after, so I might just be  able to get back to typing with both hands a little earlier than I previously thought.

I also have a plea to make.  Would anyone consider being a beta for me. [ profile] kizzia has done a lot for me in the past but she's so busy with exams at the moment that I can't ask her and Ben does his best but does find the subject material a little overwhelming (to put it mildly - he said he was unshockable before I handed him A Pendragon Never Begs and he went a very strange shade of red). I have to admit I'm a little erratic in my writing so it won't be on a regular basis (I don't share until I'm certain I want things out there) but it would be lovely to have someone else who would cast fresh eyes over my attempts.  
I'm also quite happy to beta in return :)

Oh and as I haven't done this for a while, pictures of my two favourite men:




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