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Title: Little things
Author[livejournal.com profile] bradspyjamas
Beta: ‚ÄčThe incomparable [livejournal.com profile] kizzia 
Rating: PG13 - mpreg with mentions of sex but nothing graphic (although Chapter 24 is pushing the boundaries!)
Status: COMPLETE (oh my life, what will I do with myself now?) Word count: 13,702
Tags: Johnlock, Post-Reichenbach, Mpreg, Omegaverse (my own version), angst, fluff, established relationship.
Disclaimer: Sherlock belongs to ACD, the BBC, Moffat and Gatiss - no copyright infringement intended.
Summary: John held himself together after Sherlock jumped but the emotional strain was enormous and Sherlock didn't fare much better. When Sherlock finally returned they were both just so glad to reaffirm their bond they didn't really think about the future, or if they did they simply assumed their lives would carry on as they always had. 
Needless to say they soon discover that their prolonged separation has had a very specific effect on John; the results of which mean nothing will ever be the same again. Told entirely in 221B’s this story charts all the little things Sherlock and John experience as their lives change forever.  
The B’s are Blood, Breathe, Bag, Beta, Bucket, Brother, Brilliant, Bet, Best, Bother, Bang, Bleak, Beginning, Baby, Born, Biscuit, Beneath, Bump, Basement, Beetroot, Blimp, Blur, Benedict, Beg, Break, Butterfly, Boy, Brooding, Bemused, Blue, Broken, Bourbon, Before, Breeches, Bedroom, Bewildered, Bassinet, Bee, Bach, Black, Blinked, Blame, Blind, Brain, Better, Blaze, Back, Birth, Been, Blooming, Betty, Bored, Bone, Believable, Burning, Bladder, Bugger, Blank, Beautiful, Bond, Blessed & Blog.

Author's Note: This isn't standard Omegaverse because, as I'm not comfortable writing dub/non-con scenes, I decided to create
my own version. If you want to know more about it, I've done an explanatory post here.

Chapter 62 - Blog

‘Finally,’ Sherlock leans against the flat door as the footsteps fade down the stairs, ‘I thought Molly would never leave.’

‘I know,’ John says, adroitly moving Hamish from one arm to the other as he tries to put down his tea, ‘You were remarkably circumspect about it.’

‘I believe fatherhood has mellowed me,’ Sherlock snags the cup from John and sets it down before sagging on to the sofa next to him.

John looks between Sherlock and Hamish - who blinks sleepily, one miniature hand flailing, the other clutching the edge of his blanket – and wonders how on earth he earned the right to all this happiness.

‘I know,’ Sherlock slips one arm round John as he wiggles his finger into Hamish’s fist, ‘I never believed I could have anything like this. I …Thank you, John. For everything.’

‘I love you, Sherlock’ John says simply, lifting his head for a kiss. For a few minutes, while Sherlock obliges, the only sound is Hamish’s contented gurgling.

When they pull back Sherlock nods towards the newspapers on the coffee table – each one sporting a blurry picture of the three of them on the front - and hands John his laptop.

‘Time for you to set the record straight, I think.’  

John nods and, gently placing Hamish into Sherlock’s arms, settles back to update his blog.


And that’s it, Little things is done!

I’m sad. I’m really, truly sad as I’ve had such a ball writing these and made friends with some lovely people in the process *hugs you all repeatedly and tries not to blub*  

However I do have Unintended Consequences on the go with [livejournal.com profile] kizzia to keep me occupied - expect a new chapter in the next two weeks - plus I’ve got a some half-written prequels and missing scenes to the story (not 221B’s but longer works) which currently cover, respectively:

-         Sherlock & John’s first time

-         Their bonding heat,

-         John’s heat after the fall when he still thinks Sherlock is dead,

-         What happens directly after Chapter 2 of this story

-         Hamish’s conception

-         A far more, um, detailed reworking of Beg

-         John’s first heat after Hamish is born

So I’ve set up a series tag entitled “Fic series: All the Little things”, and if you’re interested you can track it. If you prefer I've also set up a series on AO3 here.  The posting of these vignettes will be intermittent as none of them are finished and I’m now starting my Philosophy MA (going back to studying is scary but exciting) so my time will be limited but I’m so in love with my little universe I know I won’t be able to keep away for long.

The list above is not exhaustive, so if you have something you’d like to see written in this ‘verse please let me know. I’m always open to suggestions for my muse and they don’t have to be sex related, I’ll write anything :)

Plus [livejournal.com profile] kizzia and I are toying with the possibility of a Little things advent series, also in 221B’s, which is tentatively titled “Little Christmas things” and will which will cover Sherlock & John’s first Christmas with Hamish.

And, finally - God I do go on, don’t I! - to kick the series off I’ve posted a 221B called Body that is definitely not PG-13 so didn’t make it into the main story but actually follows straight on from Chapter 21 - Blimp. Which is here - Enjoy!

Previous chapter
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