This is going to be a long, rambling post about all sorts of things so there will be cuts and stuff. However, first you need a gif of what I’m like right now:

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I'm drowning in coursework for my MA and thus I haven't been around much, nor will I be for the next month or so. I'm hoping to be back in December with Little Christmas Things - which is now being co-authored (who am I kidding, she's practically writing all of it) by [ profile] kizzia because I've nearly run out of sanity and have apparently lost the ability to write 221Bs - but for the moment, I might drop the odd comment but I'm otherwise going to be off the grid! Although I suspect quite a few of you are also going to be lost in NaNoWriMo land so you probably won't even miss me :)

However, I feel it necessary to leave you with something lovely to look at:

Title: Little things
Author[ profile] bradspyjamas
Beta: ‚ÄčThe incomparable [ profile] kizzia 
Rating: PG13 - mpreg with mentions of sex but nothing graphic (although Chapter 24 is pushing the boundries!)
Status: WIP - all chapters written but later ones being edited.
Tags: Johnlock, Post-Reichenbach, Mpreg, Omegaverse (my own version), angst, fluff, established relationship.
Disclaimer: Sherlock belongs to ACD, the BBC, Moffat and Gatiss - no copyright infringement intended.
Summary: John held himself together after Sherlock jumped but the emotional strain was enormous and Sherlock didn't fare much better. When Sherlock finally returned they were both just so glad to reaffirm their bond they didn't really think about the future, or if they did they simply assumed their lives would carry on as they always had. 
Needless to say they soon discover that their prolonged separation has had a very specific effect on John; the results of which mean nothing will ever be the same again. Told entirely in 221B’s this story charts all the little things Sherlock and John experience as their lives change forever.  
The B’s so far are Blood, Breathe, Bag, Beta, Bucket, Brother, Brilliant, Bet, Best, Bother, Bang, Bleak, Beginning, Baby, Born, Biscuit, Beneath, Bump, Basement, Beetroot, Blimp, Blur, Benedict, Beg, Break, Butterfly, Boy, Brooding, Bemused, Blue, Broken, Bourbon, Before, Breeches, Bedroom, Bewildered, Bassinet, Bee & Bach.

Author's Note: This isn't standard Omegaverse because, as I'm not comfortable writing dub/non-con scenes, I decided to create
my own version. If you want to know more about it, I've done an explanatory post here.

Little things - Chapter 39 - Bach )

Previous chapters | Next chapter
When will I learn that a draft does not a finished work make? 
I started writing The Weight of Knowledge over two months ago and posted the first chapter only when I'd written all three chapters and finished editing 1 & 2.  I posted those two pretty quickly in succession, certain that I'd be able to iron the wrinkles out of chapter 3 in good time.
Yeah and oh look, flying pigs!
I just can't make it read properly and it doesn't fit with the first two chapters at all. I know part of it is that I'm working with really triggery material (describing how John feels when he realises he's put on weight, facing up to why he was able to hide it from himself, why Sherlock didn't mention anything, how he feels about it, what his own weight gain means to him and how he feels about John's) and that makes me nervous in case I upset someone (me not included although it hasn't been easy writing it - which was half the purpose in the first place). 
Then there's the damn writing style I was so eager to try out in the first place - works brilliantly for chapters 1 & 2 but it's strangling what I'm trying to do in 3, making things sounds flippant when they really shouldn't.
I've re- written it so many times I want to scream and [ profile] kizzia has beta'd and even written her own version in an attempt to help me out (which is the one I'm currently playing with as she somehow managed to get all the good bits from my versions and string them together in her own inimitable fashion) but I still grates on my nerves and I refuse to post something I'm not happy with.
I just want it gone! 
Do I post and be damned or spend today trying to fix it ([ profile] kizzia has offered moral support via Skype)? Answers on a postcard please :)



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