And yes, I do mean that exactly the way it sounds.


I have a fiancé. I am affianced. I'm getting married!

It was really rather romantic. He put a ring box on top of the tree and then, when I finally - at 8 o'clock last night - asked who it was for, told me to check the tag.

It said "I'm a lonely ring box, because I don't have a ring inside. If you'd like to change that all you have to do is say yes to the next question you're asked ..."

I didn't give him the chance to ask me and I may have squeaked "yes" rather than said it but who cares!

I'm a bit excited, in case you couldn't tell :) So are Mum and Jacques. And Ben. Ben's pretty excited too!

I'm going to go now before I really embarrass myself by typing utter nonsense but ... I'm so happy! Happy, happy, happy!

Merry Christmas everyone!

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So my darling [ profile] kizzia has posted the second of her 100 things challenge and it's all about Sherlock! She's being all eloquent and right again, so please go and check it out here.

But not only has she written that, she's also posted an "all things Sherlock" list, with loads of fab websites and things that other fan fiction writers and Sherlock obsessives might like. And that post is here.

Go on, be off with you to read and enjoy and don't forget to talk to her. She's really lovely and I don't think she feels like part of the fandom yet, despite the fact that if it wasn't for her, I wouldn't have any of my fan fiction posted at all (she's my own personal cheerleader and I love her to bits - in case you hadn't figured that out).

Oh and, if you need any more encouragement, I asked Mr Cumberbatch whether you should go an read Kiz's posts. This is what he said:

Now you've got no excuse!
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This just popped up on twitter and I had to share it here.
Which, loosely translated, means that Ben is moving in! 
I have to admit the thought of not having him around, after the last two weeks of constant companionship, had left me feeling more than a little bereft but I'd assumed that he'd go back to his own place now I'm going back to work.  Only the guy Ben rents a room from called him this morning and gave him notice - turns out he's proposed to his girlfriend and she wants the house just for them.  Given that Ben had put him on speaker I did a quick bit of negotiating (Ben's getting this month's rent back for leaving immediately) and my spare room is now his.  He and Grey have spent the best part of today ferrying his belongings over here and I, because it was the only thing Ben would let me do, have made more cups of coffee than any one person should be capable of if they aren't employed as a barista :)
I'm so glad I get to have him living with me again - he makes me laugh like no one else on this planet and has been there for me so many times over the years that he deserves a medal. Friends like him are a once in a lifetime thing I think, I'm really bloody lucky to have him.

There have also been some very interesting developments regarding the two scumbags that gave me my still fading facial bruises and the broken arm.
I'd love to share them with you all but I've been told I'm not allowed to in case I prejudice the case.  Which isn't much but I know none of you will need Sherlock to work out what's going on :D

The only thing that is slightly denting my spirits is the thought of the tube journey tomorrow with my sexy blue sling on. My balance is off at the best of times, but traversing packed rush hour trains with only one working arm is pushing it to the limits.  Ah well, at least I'll be back on my projects again.
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I've had an awesome three days.  

Saturday was spent mooching round first the National Gallery and then the British Museum. I don't do things like that enough.  There are so many museums in London that are free (although I did leave donations at both) and there is nothing quite so wonderful in immersing yourself in things of beauty and seeing stories that stretch back further you can really comprehend.  And I got bought a drink by a very nice looking bloke in Covent Garden in the evening!

On Sunday I slept, wrote and watched Merlin, not necessarily in that order.  I have now re-watched the whole of Series 4 and can safely say that 'Servant of two masters' is my favourite episode, period.  [ profile] itzcoatl you were so right :)  I have also fixed most of the problems in my Brolin fic, just a section of dialogue right at the beginning to try and make sound good and then I can start posting.  Which is quite exciting and slightly scary all at the same time.

However the real awesomeness happened today:

I got called into the office of my manager's manager.  Spent the short walk trying to figure out what on earth I could have done wrong.  Nothing as it turned out.  My manager is moving to another division and they want me to take his job.  OMG!!!!! I have staff.  I have a budget.  I have several projects that are now my babies!

I am so full of win right now that I don't know what to do with myself.



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