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*waves sheepishly at everyone*

I’m sorry I’ve not been around. It’s been a really busy six months, with so many things happening I don’t know where to start.

First things first, which you’ve probably guessed from the post title …

My wedding is tomorrow! At 11 am I shall walk down the aisle as Ms James and walk back up it an hour later as Mrs Masters!

For a small wedding it’s taken a heck of a lot of organising but then we did decide to get married in France, so paperwork has featured quite heavily. To cut a long story short, we’re getting married in the village where Mum and Jacques live. Ben and I have been here since the end of June and Ben’s Mum and Dad arrived last week. We are literally only having our close family and no-one else and Mum is walking me down the aisle and giving me away (I told her she wasn’t allowed to cheer as she did so).

My dress is, well, rather beautiful actually. It’s an antique lace bodice and silk skirt in an ivory cream, with lace sleeves that taper into my wrists (in case anyone doesn’t know, you don’t bare your shoulders in Catholic churches) and a side bustle. It’s very Edwardian and makes me look all polished and grown up – good job Ben knows what he’s really getting because otherwise this might deceive him into thinking I’m sensible! I’m really not convinced on the veil but Mum seems to think it makes me look lovely so I’m going to believe her. It does, at least, detach from the tiara easily enough so I don’t have to wear it once the nuptials are complete.

And then Mum and Jacques are hosting the “Wedding Breakfast” at Jacques’ Grand-mère’s house, which has the most beautiful garden imaginable and should, given that the weather seems to be holding, be excellent for the drinking of champagne and the nibbling of nibbles.

After that, Ben and I take the train south, to the Côte d'Azur for our honeymoon – don’t we sound posh ;)

So yes, I’m a little bit excited right now!

Second piece of noteworthy news – I am now officially have my Masters in Philosophy and I’ve been accepted to do my PhD!

I’m very, very happy about this. Not as happy as I am to be getting married but still, I’m really rather chuffed. It’s going to mean a huge amount of work but I think I’ve finally found the thing that fires me and I can’t imagine doing anything else.

Thirdly. I know I said there would be more Unintended Consequences about now but … well, life. I will finish it, eventually, I promise.

Anyway, I hope all you lovely people are well and happy and I’m sorry I haven’t been commenting or reading fic or anything. I’ll try and catch up at some point but in the meantime, know I love you all even if I don’t tell you so.

Now, I’m off to have a nice long bath and then bed. I have no idea if I’m going to be able to sleep but I really must try!

But I have been so absent from LJ and everywhere on t'internet that I wouldn't be surprised if everyone thought I was. Which makes me sad:

I really am so very sorry I've been so absent but my Masters has completely consumed me and I don't think it's likely to release me from it's clutches until I'm done in June.

Which means - other than posting the last chapter of Scenting possibilities at the weekend (because I really do deserve a break) - I shall not be writing any more Sherlock fic until it is done. Thus Unintended Consequences is taking the longest hiatus known to man because although [ profile] kizzia is the most wonderful human being on the planet she can't write it alone - she has her own stuff to be doing for one and I haven't finished plotting it all for another - and I don't have the time. So sorry everyone - I promise it will be written eventually but there won't be anything till end of June at the earliest.

On the bright side, if all this manic working pays off I shall be starting my PhD in September which might be easier to pace with having a life!?!?

Oh and guys, I may not be commenting and sharing at the moment but please don't forget that, from the bottom of my heart ...

And yes, I do mean that exactly the way it sounds.


I have a fiancé. I am affianced. I'm getting married!

It was really rather romantic. He put a ring box on top of the tree and then, when I finally - at 8 o'clock last night - asked who it was for, told me to check the tag.

It said "I'm a lonely ring box, because I don't have a ring inside. If you'd like to change that all you have to do is say yes to the next question you're asked ..."

I didn't give him the chance to ask me and I may have squeaked "yes" rather than said it but who cares!

I'm a bit excited, in case you couldn't tell :) So are Mum and Jacques. And Ben. Ben's pretty excited too!

I'm going to go now before I really embarrass myself by typing utter nonsense but ... I'm so happy! Happy, happy, happy!

Merry Christmas everyone!

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I'm drowning in coursework for my MA and thus I haven't been around much, nor will I be for the next month or so. I'm hoping to be back in December with Little Christmas Things - which is now being co-authored (who am I kidding, she's practically writing all of it) by [ profile] kizzia because I've nearly run out of sanity and have apparently lost the ability to write 221Bs - but for the moment, I might drop the odd comment but I'm otherwise going to be off the grid! Although I suspect quite a few of you are also going to be lost in NaNoWriMo land so you probably won't even miss me :)

However, I feel it necessary to leave you with something lovely to look at:

and all I want to do is curl up on the sofa and write Johnlock and drink hot chocolate and generally mooch. But I can't because I have essays that need finishing and texts that need reviewing and I think I'm losing my mind.
Meh. I will use this gif of Mr Cumberbatch to cheer me up

In other news, [ profile] kizzia is coming down to London the last weekend in October and I was wondering if there are any other Sherlockians who would like to meet up on the Sunday for a drink and a chat? It would be nice to put faces to names :)

I've just read [ profile] kizzia's latest post, in which she discusses how the whole sexism debate sparked by [ profile] wellingtongoose's recent meta on the subject has made her feel - specifically in relation to the hate that [ profile] wellingtongoose has received for daring to venture an opinion on the topic. 

I wish I had written this - GO READ IT HERE - it encapsulates exactly how I feel about the whole thing. 

Bullying is never acceptable.

Just no!
This is just a quick post to say that I'm not ignoring anyone who has left me a comment in the last few days, nor had I intended to stop posting Little Things but my temperature is fluctuating between 35 and 40 and I'm in no fit state to do anything much. In fact Ben's glaring at me for trying to do this - but to be fair it's the most lucid I've been all day so I have to try while I can. 
Anyway, I apologise for the break in service and I'll be back as soon as I can.
Oh and [ profile] kizzia I'm so sorry about today - I hope you had a nice time regardless of me not being around!
So my darling [ profile] kizzia has posted the second of her 100 things challenge and it's all about Sherlock! She's being all eloquent and right again, so please go and check it out here.

But not only has she written that, she's also posted an "all things Sherlock" list, with loads of fab websites and things that other fan fiction writers and Sherlock obsessives might like. And that post is here.

Go on, be off with you to read and enjoy and don't forget to talk to her. She's really lovely and I don't think she feels like part of the fandom yet, despite the fact that if it wasn't for her, I wouldn't have any of my fan fiction posted at all (she's my own personal cheerleader and I love her to bits - in case you hadn't figured that out).

Oh and, if you need any more encouragement, I asked Mr Cumberbatch whether you should go an read Kiz's posts. This is what he said:

Now you've got no excuse!
When will I learn that a draft does not a finished work make? 
I started writing The Weight of Knowledge over two months ago and posted the first chapter only when I'd written all three chapters and finished editing 1 & 2.  I posted those two pretty quickly in succession, certain that I'd be able to iron the wrinkles out of chapter 3 in good time.
Yeah and oh look, flying pigs!
I just can't make it read properly and it doesn't fit with the first two chapters at all. I know part of it is that I'm working with really triggery material (describing how John feels when he realises he's put on weight, facing up to why he was able to hide it from himself, why Sherlock didn't mention anything, how he feels about it, what his own weight gain means to him and how he feels about John's) and that makes me nervous in case I upset someone (me not included although it hasn't been easy writing it - which was half the purpose in the first place). 
Then there's the damn writing style I was so eager to try out in the first place - works brilliantly for chapters 1 & 2 but it's strangling what I'm trying to do in 3, making things sounds flippant when they really shouldn't.
I've re- written it so many times I want to scream and [ profile] kizzia has beta'd and even written her own version in an attempt to help me out (which is the one I'm currently playing with as she somehow managed to get all the good bits from my versions and string them together in her own inimitable fashion) but I still grates on my nerves and I refuse to post something I'm not happy with.
I just want it gone! 
Do I post and be damned or spend today trying to fix it ([ profile] kizzia has offered moral support via Skype)? Answers on a postcard please :)
I seriously can't believe I'm half way through posting Little things!

When I started writing this, it was one 221B  (which is now Chapter 57) that I wrote because I couldn't get John with a baby bump out of my head. Then I started to think about whether it would fit into Omegaverse and then ... plot bunnies were everywhere, I'd spent three nights getting to grips with how a non-dub con Omegaverse would work and had a possible 60 chapters, some of which I wasn't sure would stay (some didn't, I wrote extra ones instead).

Now they are all written, all edited and I'm finally able to return to beating the final chapter of The Weight of Knowledge into submission - which was what I was hiding from when I started that 'oh so innocent' individual 221B a month and a half ago!

But do you know what the best bit is? Meeting so many lovely people who have commented on the story, made suggestions and generally made me feel properly part of the Sherlock fandom and made me giggle hysterically. 

Thank you all so very much, for everything, and I hope Chapters 31 - 60 live up to everyone's expectations.

Oh, and as usual with these sorts of personal ramblings, here is a sweet picture of Mr Cumberbatch to make us all smile and swoon.

Casual benedict smiling
Right you lovely people, my darling [ profile] kizzia has decided to start her 100 things challenge and return to writing her own stuff rather than being at my beck and call 24/7. Seriously, she's been an absolute star in helping me with Little things and all my other WIPs and I owe her so much for her patience and kindness.

So, instead of sulking - which really wouldn't be fair - I thought I'd point you all towards her first 100 things post, on the wonderful poem For the Fallen by Laurence Binyon.  If you do have a couple of minutes to spare please click here have a read and then drop her a comment. She's a lovely person, a fab writer and I'd like her to have a few more friends on here.

And in case that wasn't incentive enough, here's a rather serious photo of Mr Cumberbatch as Major Jamie Stewart in War Horse:
Benedict as Major Jamie Stewart in War Horse

because when, no actually, if - since there’s no guarantee - I fall in love, I will fall in love with someone’s soul.  

Their SOUL, not the tin it comes in.

On the basis that I’m as human as everyone else, I assume that it will work that way for every person on this planet. So when I read about the abuse and degradation that same sex couples are currently getting for daring to say that they should have the same rights as mixed sex couples when it comes to legally declaring their love, it makes me angry.

I don’t care if the person you love has the same genitalia as you. It is none of my business. All I care about is that you have found the one person that makes your life worthwhile and I want for you to be able to shout that from the rooftops.   

Marriage is a declaration that you want to spend the rest of your life with the one person who completes you.  That is it. The rest is just transport!

I posted this on Tumbr last night and then realised it should be on here too.  

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