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Thank you so much for all the lovely birthday messages, I've the most awesome day and I'm just about to be taken out to dinner but, before I go, I wanted to tell you all something:

[ profile] kizzia is one of the nicest, kindest, most wonderful people I've ever had the pleasure to call friend. She's been a fantastic support to me over the last couple of years and today she really went above and beyond the call of duty.

Not only did she write me the most gorgeous little 221B birthday ficlet (What people do, go read it now!) but she also took the time to contact some of the people she knew and worked with when she was doing her Philosophy degree who had specialist knowledge about the areas I'm working on in my dissertation and put them all in touch with me, today, so that I can iron out the final issues with it. I have no words for how much that means to me.


Seriously, I'm completely overwhelmed.
I'm drowning in coursework for my MA and thus I haven't been around much, nor will I be for the next month or so. I'm hoping to be back in December with Little Christmas Things - which is now being co-authored (who am I kidding, she's practically writing all of it) by [ profile] kizzia because I've nearly run out of sanity and have apparently lost the ability to write 221Bs - but for the moment, I might drop the odd comment but I'm otherwise going to be off the grid! Although I suspect quite a few of you are also going to be lost in NaNoWriMo land so you probably won't even miss me :)

However, I feel it necessary to leave you with something lovely to look at:

and all I want to do is curl up on the sofa and write Johnlock and drink hot chocolate and generally mooch. But I can't because I have essays that need finishing and texts that need reviewing and I think I'm losing my mind.
Meh. I will use this gif of Mr Cumberbatch to cheer me up

In other news, [ profile] kizzia is coming down to London the last weekend in October and I was wondering if there are any other Sherlockians who would like to meet up on the Sunday for a drink and a chat? It would be nice to put faces to names :)

OK, so you all know that [ profile] kizzia is one of my best friends along with being my personal cheerleader, beta and all round wonderful person.
This morning I mentioned that I was feeling a little down when we skyped about Unintended Consequences. Half an hour later this appeared in my inbox!

I really do have some wonderful friends. And I suppose, indirectly, she made a present for [ profile] azriona too!
I've alread attached it to the story on AO3 and used it to post the story on Tumb1r and now I'm going to put it on the story post here!

Isn't it gorgeous!
I know we've not got to this point with Little things yet but we will, my lovelies, we will :)
I adore the fact that their faces are blank - which I realise might be construed as weird but it allows me to put my own expressions on them and that makes me very happy.
Thank you [ profile] kizzia, you've make me feel much better!



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