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This is going to be a long, rambling post about all sorts of things so there will be cuts and stuff. However, first you need a gif of what I’m like right now:

Running about madly with a list, frightened I’m going to miss something J

Important fic information first:

Little Christmas Things now has, thanks to [livejournal.com profile] kizzia, fourteen chapters and she is going to keep posting one a day until Christmas like the wonderful person she is. I’m indebted to her for making it happen and making them so damn good. I claim bragging rights on “Mycroft: baby whisperer” though! You can read this on the platform of your choice, LJ (link above), AO3 or FFnet – they all take you to the first chapter.

Unintended consequences … is languishing because of me, not [livejournal.com profile] kizzia. There will be a new chapter in the New Year and then it will be going up a chapter every two weeks or so, I hope. I’m not promising though as we know how well that’s worked out in the past.

And a quick fic rec because I can and because it made me smile like this:

A Miracle on Baker Street by [livejournal.com profile] kizzia (beta’d by [livejournal.com profile] azriona) – Her summary for it runs as follows:

When Sherlock grants John his miracle, when he completes the trick he began on the roof of St Bart’s, don’t you think he’ll do it at the most magical time of the year?

And it most certainly is magical - you get Christmas lights and carols and John being wonderfully melancholic and then there is a proper, Christmas movie ending. Go and read, my pretties, go and read - you can view it on AO3 & FFnet too.

In other news:

I’m off to France on Sunday to spend Christmas with my Mum and Jack (well I should properly call him Jacques, since that’s actually his name but I’ve never bothered before and I’m not sure I want to start now) and I won’t be back in the UK until Jan 8th

I am not convinced that this is anyway a good idea since I have absolutely no desire to get to know Jack any better than I already do and I find Mum’s “Oh my life I’m so happy” act wearing at the best of times. But we’ve been invited and Ben (and my therapist, damn her) thinks it will help so I’m trying to be positive.

Trying, not succeeding.

Still, I’m taking the laptop and my dissertation notes as well as my Unintended Consequences scribblings and a rather large stack of books so I will not be bored. I may not be internet connected though, since Mum doesn’t seem to know what, if any, connection they’ve got there and I haven’t bother to ask Jack. So I’ll probably (if it’s possible) be more intermittent in my LJ postings than I am at the moment.

On exciting things:

THE HOBBIT IS BRILLIANT. I saw it last night and it makes me happy. Very, very happy. I didn’t entirely know what was going on some of the time (Kiz is the Tolkien nut, not me) but we saw it in full IMAX 3D and it was … there are no words for how swept away by it I was. And Martin. Martin was brilliant too! It was all brilliant!
*makes no apologies for turning into Arthur Shappey*

And I get to see Kiz tomorrow as she’s coming for an early Christmas. So we’re going to be all “touristy” and wander round Covent Garden and then we’ll go to Trafalgar Square and see the nativity scene and the tree and then we’ll go and haunt Foyles and drink coffee and the boys can talk about whatever they want while we plot J And she’s bringing Christmas presents.

And to finish, because there can never be enough Cumberbatch:

All hail Sherlockspeare for the lusciousness of this gif

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