Feb. 7th, 2013

Title: Scenting Possibilities
Author [livejournal.com profile] bradspyjamas
Gift for [livejournal.com profile] kizzia
Rating: M / NC-17 – for Chapters 2 & 3 only (Chapter 1 is PG13 and can be read stand alone)
Status: WIP - 2 out of 3 chapters posted.

Warnings, kinks and contents: Omegaverse (consensual), men getting it on in a very detailed manner (in Chapters 2 & 3), first kiss, first time, Johnlock.
Disclaimer: Sherlock belongs to ACD, the BBC, Moffat and Gatiss - no copyright infringement intended. No money being made
Summary: Sherlock has always been grateful that his biology made him into the freak others frequently accuse him of being, has always been grateful for the childhood diagnosis that he is incapable of emoting and therefore incapable of forming a bond. He's never questioned the veracity of the diagnosis because he's never wanted to, too proud of the difference, too pleased at not being subject to the irrationality of sentiment, lust and desire that distracts the rest of the population. Besides, he's never had any cause to doubt that the doctors were correct. Until now, that is ....

This story is the first of my prequels to Little things but can be read as a stand alone (although it does allude to a few things that readers of "Little things" may pick up on).

Start with Chapter 1 on LJ, on AO3 or on FF.net

Read Chapter 2 below, on AO3 or on FF.net

Chapter 2
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